Spatial determinants of productivity growth in agri-food Spanish firms: a comparision between cooperatives and investor-owned firms

Martínez-Victoria, M.C, Maté Sánchez-Val, M.L y Arcas Lario, N. (2018). "Spatial determinants of productivity growth on agri-food Spanish firms: a comparison between cooperatives and investor-owned firms", Agricultural Economics, 49, pp. 213-223.


This study analyses the effect of the spatial factor, location, and interaction effects among peer companies, on the productivity growth of agri‐food companies in Spain. With this aim, we build a productivity growth index and apply a multiequational Seemingly Unrelated Regression on a sample of 344 Spanish cooperatives and investor‐owned firms for the period 2010–2012. Our findings show that agri‐food firms are influenced by spatial factors finding interesting differences between cooperatives and investor‐owned firms. With regard to the geographical location, cooperatives in the western of Spain show higher productivity growth rates, whereas investor‐owned firms in the northeast of Spain present better results. The interaction effect among closer peer companies is also a relevant factor to determine the productivity growth in agri‐food companies. This factor is more relevant for cooperatives than for investor‐owned firms. 


Agri-food companies; Geographical location; Malmquist productivity index; Seemingly unrelated regression; Spatial interaction

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